9,10,11 December 2021, 10:00


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National Conference: Fruit Business in the Republic of Moldova aims to familiarize fruit producers in the Republic of Moldova with innovations, new technological trends and commercial solutions for all elements of the value chain of fresh and processed fruits. The event is aimed at leaders and specialists from companies in the country, officials and foreign experts.



9, 10, 11 December from 10.00 to 14.00



Welcome speech

VITALIE GORINCIOI, Chairman of Moldova Fruct Association

Messages of support from developing partners

USAID support for fruit growers to overcome challenges

Michael JONES, Director of Economic Growth Department, USAID Moldova

Support for fruit export from National Investment Agency

Stelian MANIC, General Director, Investment Agency

Local and international fruit market evolution

Moldovan fruits on foreign markets. Experience and perspective.

IURIE FALA PhD, Executive Director, Moldova Fruct Association

Fresh fruit trade of the national retailers.

MARIA MOVILEANU, Commercial Director Linella

Trends and practices in fruit trade on the EU market

ALEKSANDAR JOVANOVIC, Consultant/fruit trader, CBI, Netherlands

Panel discussion with EU fresh fruit importers

Moldovan plums for Netherland’s market

LUCIEN RUTER, Fruit trader, Van Ooijen Citrus BV

Moldovan plums for Polish and other EU markets


Moldovan plums and table grapes for Romanian market

PETRU PASCAL, Fruit trader, Dorexrom SRL

Moldovan fruits for Netherland’s market

RENE KRAAIJEVELD, Fruit trader, Smets Food Trading

Moldovan plums for German market

MARGARETA ARNOLD, Fruit trader, A&B Fruchthandel GmbH

Panel discussion with fresh fruit exporters from Moldova, lessons learned and plans for the future

The experience of fresh fruit exporters from Moldova in 2021

Oleg ALEXANDROV/ Eugenia VELICESCU/ Vitalie OBRIJANU/ Adrian CALDARE, Fruit traders, Moldova Fruct Association



Improving competitiveness of the fruit growers

The plans of the Agricultural Ministry regarding implementation of the Program for developing horticultural sector in Moldova for 2021-2025.

Viorel GHERCIU, Minister, Agricultural Ministry of Moldova

Welcome message from CORTEVA

Liberalization of access to fruit varieties - maximizing benefits and controlling risks

Viorel LEAHU, Vice-director of the HVAA/USAID Project

Impact of Geneva rootstocks in USA. Present and future of Geneva rootstocks.

Gennaro FAZIO, Apple Rootstock Breeder, US Department of Agriculture,Agricultural Research Service Adjunct Associate Professor – School of Integrative Plant Sciences, Section of Horticulture Cornell University

BONITA - A very promising apple variety on all levels.

Stefan NICOLODI, Director, Griba nursery, Italy

Modern production of cherry. New varieties and innovative practices.

Massimo CRISTOFORI, Agronomist, Salvi nursery, Italy

How to manage the Sharka disease and to find the best quality/yield ratio in European plum orchards.

Dr. Michael NEUMÜLLER, Director, BayOZ: Bavarian Centre of Pomology and Fruit Breeding, Germany

IPM from Italy: the case of Emilia Romagna region. Presentation of the new flat peach variety - Stone Yard

Stefano FOSCHI, Fruit Researcher and stone fruit Breeder, C.R.P.V., Italy

Innovations in orchard management

New products for horticulture and conforming to minimum residue levels required on target markets

Adrian IONESCU, Category Manager Crop Protection, Corteva, Romania

National and international market requirements from the perspective of maximum residue levels in fresh fruits

Dr. Andrei CUMPANICI, Consultant at HVAA/USAID Project

Experience in using pheromones in the integrated protection management systems

Nicolae PASCAL, Agronomist/Fruit grower, Moldova

Intensive systems for apple and stone fruit orchards using rootstocks from the Rootpac series

Esther MONTAÑES, Sales manager, Agromillora Iberia, Spain

Innovations in fruit storage technologies - HARVISTA. Recommendations for fruit growers.

Krzysztof WOZNIAK, Manager regional, AgroFresh, Polonia

EU trends regarding organic fruits market

Christoph MÜLLER, International expert, Gäa e.V. - Vereinigung ökologischer Landbau, Germany

Innovative solutions for fruit orchard fertilization.

Jonas DECORTE MSc, Research & Development Assistant, BMS Micro-Nutrients NV, Belgium



Welcome speech from ProCredit Bank

Projects and investments

Financial instruments for fruit growers and fruit traders

Antonina KOSUBSKAIA, ProCredit Bank


Packing possibilities with modern techniques

Rene KOSTER, Technical advisor Burg Machinery, Burg Machinery, Netherlands

The benefits of the HDCOLD solution for fruits and vegetables cold room storage

Jérémie MENDEZ, Export specialist, DPKL, France

Investing in an optical grading and sorting line to export Cherries

Jerome LE MEE, Regional sales representative, Maf Roda, France

Possibilities for producing electricity from renewable sources for own consumption (Net Metering). Legal Framework.

Alexandru CIUDIN, Director, Moldovan Agency for Energy Efficiency, Economic Ministry of Moldova


Irrigation and fertigation solutions for orchards

Mihai APOSTU, Technical and export Resonsible, VGB, Netherlands

XAG Drones - effective solutions for Plant Protection

Denis TERULNIC, Commercial Director, AGRICOS TECH, Moldova

Modern fertigation stations

Pavel HORBYLIEV, Chief Product Officer, Growing Innovations, Ukraine

Keep in Touch closed mesh systems for orchards

Mario TONIONI, Boscato Reti, Italy

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